Personalised Woven Badges


Custom made woven badges, totally bespoke designs that have been manufactured to your requirements. Woven patches as they are sometimes known can be woven with up to 10 different colours ensuring that your cloth badge is bright, clear and bold.

The main advantages of woven badges is in the detail. Because the cloth is woven with the design incorporated in the material using a warp and a weft yarn. This makes the design and fabric feel flat and is the difference between woven badges and embroidered badges. Every woven badge design would be the same and there would be no variations in designs which can occur in other methods.

The speed of weaving and the methods of manufacturing means that woven badges are more suited to larger orders and this makes them very competitively priced. However, we have produced woven badges in quantities as low as 100 badges so it is always worth enquiring if that is all you need.
Woven badges are generally bound around the edges to prevent fraying, this is known as overlocking or is sometimes called a “Merrowed Edge”.

Sports Association Badges. Woven badges that recognise achievements and standards. Whether it is Swimming Awards for distance or Athletic Awards for speed we can adapt
your basic design to acknowledge progress such as Gold, Silver and Bronze or Levels 1, Level 2 and Level 3. We supply some of the main Sports Associations in the UK.

We have not set a minimum order quantity as we would always advise the suitability of weaving for your badges. It could be that embroidered badges would a suitable alternative.

Badges supplied with either a Standard Backing or an Iron-on Backing material.

All our badges are manufactured to the highest standards whilst empowering sustainable and ethical supply chains. Every badge is made to ISO9000 Standards, every yarn is an Oeko-Tex 100 Yarn and all our badges are in accordance with Sedex, the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange.




Stock woven and embroidered badges that are on our shelves. Badges can be bought individually at £1.20 each (Plus Postage and VAT) and discount can be offered on quantities above 10 badges. Call the sales office for further information. (Tel 0113 2450385).

Stock Union Jack woven badges. Size 100 x 50 mm.
Stock First Aid woven badges. Size 108 x 36 mm.
Stock Security woven badges. Size 100 x 30 mm.
Stock Security Sliders. Size 60 x 100 mm
Stock Activity Embroidered badges. Size 100 x 25 mm.