Scout Badges & Guide Badges

A simple email or telephone call to enquire if we have your EXISTING DESIGN on file is often all that is required as we have been manufacturing County and District badges for such a long time and this will ensure the continuity of colours and overall appearance of your badge.

We have been supplying Scout Badges and Girlguiding Badges to 100’s of Groups, Districts and Counties since we started in 1976. That is 40 years of valuable experience in dealing with Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Girl Guides. Understanding their requirements, their budgets, their timescales and their badge requirements.

Our Scout Badges and our Girlguiding Badges have been produced to be worn directly on their respective uniforms. They conform in every way to the standards set by their governing bodies and their guidelines and it should give you confidence to select Ensign Badges as your badge supplier.

Woven badges and Embroidered badges manufactured to the highest standard and at extremely competitive prices !

Got a NEW DESIGN for an event, a camp or an anniversary…… it couldn’t be simpler as all you have to do is email us with your idea or design. To quote you a price we would just need to know the Size, the Shape and rough idea of the Quantities you may require and we will give you a straightforward price that we would fix for 6 months to assist you with your planning.


Stock Embroidered Activity Badges.  Size 100 x 28 mm.
Whether it is “NIGHTS AWAY” or mainstream activities like SHOOTING, SAILING, ARCHERY, KAYAKING or ABSEILING CLIMBING.
We have badges ready for you to add to your achievements and enjoyment. No minimum order.
New !  Lets Get Creative……
Combined woven and embroidered badges.
The combination of woven and embroidered badges means that we can get the detail obtained from weaving and the creative shapes obtained by embroidery.
Make your designs stand out using unconventional shapes that can really make a difference. Emphasize a point, a year or a character within the design. We can now weave your detailed design, embroider a border and then with laser technology accurately cut out your unique shape.

From our first badges that celebrated the Queens Silver Jubilee in 1977 to the present day celebrations for the Scouts and the Girl Guides. Ensign Badges Ltd has been producing high quality woven badges and embroidered badges to countless Counties and Districts in the past 40 years.

We have been supplying single county badges and single district badges (38 x 51 mm) since the beginning and we are now supplying more and more districts with double badges sized. (50 x 76 mm).

We offer a free design service to help you create your badges. From promoting your campsite or your Jamboree to celebrating your history or your achievements.

By emailing your ideas or design to us at  we will be able quote you a price immediately and confirm a delivery date to you which is usually within 3 to 4 weeks from receipt of your order.

Putting all your information into a badge design is an art form so why not take advantage of our expertise and our free design service.

Scout Badges and Guide Badges available in various sizes, shapes and we can even go up to 10 colours on both woven badges and Embroidered Badges.


We want to take the strain out of supplying artwork or the designing of your badge. By contacting Ensign Badges we can discuss with you how to proceed with your artwork. It could be you have held a competition to design your badge and we can either copy it, tidy it up or take the theme to another level. Our artwork would be supplied to you electronically and can usually be done within a couple of days.