Embroidered Badges

Embroidered badges brings a whole new meaning to cloth badges. Embroidered patches as they are sometimes known give you a bit more flexibility when it comes to quantities. We can supply embroidered badges in very low quantities which is helpful for a small club or organisation.

Owing to the nature of how we stitch your design into a piece existing fabric is what gives the embroidered badge an almost 3Dimensional appearance as the design is slightly raised from the surface of the fabric. Something your fingertips can feel as you run over the design.

Our modern up to date embroidery machines can produce very detailed embroidered badges. We would also recommend that any embroidered text should be not less than 4 mm to ensure clarity.

We finish your badges with a binding to prevent the finished embroidered badges from fraying. This is called overlocking or a merrowed edge. We can also supply your embroidered patch with an embroidered blanket stitch edge which is much narrower but equally as effective.

Lots of scope for Colour.  Your embroidered badges can have up to 10 colours to help you create a truly spectacular design and don’t worry too much about the detail as we can assist you with the finished artwork “Free of Charge”.

“Iron-On Embroidered Badges” are very effective an easy to apply to the right type of garment. Heat, pressure and dwell time ensure that your badges can be easily applied. However, the only way to 100% guarantee that your embroidered badges remain firmly fixed is to sew the badges on in the traditional way.

All our badges are manufactured to the highest standards whilst empowering sustainable and ethical supply chains. Every badge is made to ISO9000 Standards, every yarn is an Oeko-Tex 100 Yarn and all our badges are in accordance with Sedex, the Supplier Ethical Data Exchange.

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High quality Blazer Badges for Military Organisations, Sports Clubs and Masonic Regalia. Hand crafted to your design in Gold and Silver Coloured Wire and stitched with Silk for a first class finish.

These badges can be supplied directly into the New Blazer Pockets if the pockets can be supplied by your Tailor. Production or lead time is 3 to 4 weeks on these type of badges.

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