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November 2018

Hope that everyone stayed safe over Bonfire Night and just enjoyed the festivities. It is proper dark now isn't it ??? Not my favourite time of year but I guess we have just got to get on with it and deal with whatever is thrown at us.

I have tried to be a bit creative recently and have introduced a new logo for Ensign Badges and wonder what you all think of it ??? We have introduced the new EB logo on the all the webpages and have designed new stationery with it on too. I think it has given it a modern look and whilst it is very simply….sometimes simple is best !

We are not the only ones being creative as the Oxfordshire County council Countryside Team have come up with a great new project which involves all ages. The Wychwood Project as it is known has 3 badges based upon the same basic design. The difference being the way it depicts an Oak Tree in its various stages of growth. The young ones get an Acorn design which then moves on to a Sapling and the final badge depicts a fully grown Oak Tree.

You may recall back in June we mentioned in our blog a young scout called Emily from Nottingham who is hoping to get to next year's World Scout Jamboree in West Virginia, USA. (WSJ)

We are pleased to report that she has reached her second big milestone of her Jamboree journey. She has raised £2,000 towards the £3,600 she needs to raise in order to go on the trip. This takes her over the half way point and she just has £1600 to go !

Emily's work ethic has to be admired as it has taken a lot of hard graft to raise this money and some of the ways she has been doing this is by baking and selling countless brownies, flapjacks and cupcakes. She held a quiz at her Scout Hut with friends, family and fellow Scouts all invited. Not content with just that she went on and served a 2 course meal to all of the quiz attendees! She has sold bracelets to people at her yoga classes, she has packed countless shopping bags in her local supermarket and sold teas, coffees and biscuits to parents and Cubs at their annual cycling competition.

With this amount of effort I am sure that you will agree that she will hit her required targets in time for her trip next year and join me in wishing Emily all the best with a fund raising efforts !

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