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JULY 2018

Summer is well and truly here and the temperatures throughout the Country are blazing hot. I know it will not be to everyone's taste but I enjoy the sunshine and the brightness.

Forecasters are predicting that it's not going away any time soon and that is what summer time should be all about. Ideal weather for all the summer camps, festivals and nights spent camping under the stars.

We have definitely seen an increase in activity with regards to some of our Scout and Guide Camps around the nation. They have been busy restocking their shelves with woven and embroidered badges and not everyone has gone for a new design.

Braggars Wood have opted for just a colour switch around and so what was once Green and Gold has become Gold and Green if you get my drift. By simply switching the background colour and design colour it has totally transformed the look and would certainly be something a badge collector would want to see in their badge collection.

Bramhope Scout Camp in Leeds, Yorkshire are another camp who have seen their sales rise and have decided to order an interim batch of their existing badge design to tide them over until the new design has been created. But again the Central Yorkshire Scout Camp has thought on a similar level as Braggars Wood and have produced the badges in a totally different background set of colours to any colour previously used. A very simple and effective way to breathe new life into an existing woven badge design.

What this….. a new Fleur-de-lys design for Scouts ! Not sure what was wrong with the old traditional design but the new one is far simpler and has already been used on your new woven badge and embroidered badge designs. Is it time to add it to your badges….???

Summer time also brings into the mainstream some different sports from the most popular. I know that we haven't lost football for the summer with onset of the World Cup (Quarter Finalists as I write this)…….. Come on England !

Athletics takes to the forefront of school sport and we have been busy producing Athletics Badges and Awards for Schools and Clubs around the Country. Well done to all those attaining their badges and certificates.


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