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We are now 6 weeks into the New Year as we write this new Blog and already time seems to be racing by and before you know it…… Valentines Days will be here and then we will be running into Easter.

When you start to look ahead and plan your badge requirements whether it be for your standard day to day type badges or whether you are planning some sort of Celebration or forthcoming Camp. You will need to allow at least 3 to 4 weeks delivery time for your badges if we are to hit your target date. That doesn’t mean that we cannot raise our game a little and possibly help you out with a quicker delivery but you would need to call us and discuss the possibilities. As you can imagine certain times of the year are busier than others.

It is nice to see that one or two Groups are beginning to see the benefits of being more flexible with your requirements and more willing to discuss directly with us which type of badges would best suit your requirements.
For instance St Edmunds Scout Group were looking to re-stock their neckerchief badges which has always been an embroidered badge previously. But having engaged in conversation they have decided to look more long term and have ordered a much larger volume than normal. This has meant switching from embroidered badges to woven badges and it is because of this switch that the prices have become much more competitive and they are happy with the reduction.

This is a side of our business that we are actively trying to promote. We care about your badges and how the finished products will look. You will always receive our recommendations as to the suitability of embroidered badges and woven badges as we feel that this will help you make the right decisions. It could be based upon your chosen design or the number of badges you require but we are here to help you create the best badges that we possibly can.


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Stock woven and embroidered badges that are on our shelves. Badges can be bought individually at £1.20  each (Plus Postage and VAT) and discount can be offered on quantities above 10 badges. Call the sales office for further information. (Tel 0113 2450385).
Stock Union Jack woven badges. Size 100 x 50 mm.
Stock First Aid woven badges. Size 108 x 36 mm.
Stock Security woven badges.  Size 100 x 30 mm.
Stock Security Sliders.  Size 60 x 100 mm
Stock Activity Embroidered badges. Size 100 x 25 mm.

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