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November 2017

British Summer Time comes to an end and we revert back to Greenwich Mean Time and
darker nights and grey skies. Sounds a bit depressing doesn't it? But for some the fun
continues and at Eaton Vale they are celebrating Halloween with a special event woven
badge. The clock keeps ticking and the next thing is Bonfire Night and once again Scouts and
Girlguides celebrate the event with both woven badges and embroidered badges.

Good planning can lead to great fundraising and our local motorcyclists have planned a
special motor bike ride around Yorkshire. It's a fundraiser for the Royal British Legion and
they have designed a very poignant design of a Soldier stood in front of a Grave with the
Red Poppies at the edge. With the words "Lest We Forget". It really has made a fabulous
embroidered badge and you can really see the benefits of embroidery. The poppies appear
to almost stand off the cloth badge and you feel you can almost touch them.

Here at Ensign Badges Ltd we fully support this worthwhile cause and hope that everyone
involved in their own fundraising around the country has a successful event.

What's next on the agenda…?? Before you know it Christmas will be here and there are
Special Christmas Camps being held around the Country. There is an event at Eaton Vale
Scout Activity Centre and they have asked us to produce their Christmas badge which can be
obtained if you visit the camp. Girlguiding in the North West have been quick to realise the
benefits of designing event cloth patches.

Just a simple "Seasons Greetings" with a lovely Penguin and Snowflakes makes a great
looking woven badge and something to commemorate the end of the year 2017.

What do you have planned for 2018…..???? Why not tell us about it and have us
manufacture your embroidered badges or your woven badges for the event. The more
people that know about it the more people will attend the event and probably buy your
commemorative badge.


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