February 2019

February is here already and at last we appear to have broken the back of Winter. The days are getting longer and there’s that bit of daylight when you get home which is a welcoming sign of things to come.

Planning for the year ahead has now picked up a pace. Preparations are in place for the many proposed St George’s Day Parades that we be taking place towards the end of April.
The variation in designs is remarkable as the most common theme is to incorporate some sort of Dragon this year. Not to mention the familiar sight of the Flag of St George.

We have Easter on the horizon too which again brings in a host of new badges to mark the occasion. You should take into consideration that Embroidered Badges and Woven Badges take approximately 3 to 4 weeks to produce and so it is your interest to get your designs in as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

The many Scout Camps and Girlguiding Camps are also readying themselves for the year ahead. Replenishing stocks of badges and some deciding to opt for new design for 2019.
This is a great idea for the camps and it gives their customers a chance to purchase a keepsake badge of their time spent at the camp.

We are ready and waiting to assist you with your plans, proposals and badge designs so don’t get left behind. Get in touch now and get your Embroidered badges and Woven badges up and running today.

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