January 2019

Happy New Year to every one !

Let’s hope that 2019 is special year for us all and that we all mange to stay safe and healthy.

This year is a big year in both the world of Scouts and Girlguiding and we are hoping that you will be getting creative with your designs and coming to us to actually make your designs and turn them into embroidered badges or woven badges whichever you prefer??

Every New Year brings a new Centenary or Celebratory badge for some Group or District and this year is no exception.

Congratulations to the 4th Pudsey Scout Group here in Leeds who have reached their 90 Years Milestone and well done to their young scout who designed the actual badge. It was a tricky drawing from someone so young but we have managed to interpret it and I look for forward to seeing the finished result in about 3 or 4 weeks time.

Another big Celebration planned over the Pennines in the Urmston District of Manchester as they celebrate their 100 Years in Scouting. That is quite an achievement and we hope they have a great year and we will be making every effort to make sure their badges come out just as good as their artwork.

There are always changes too to old existing designs and it is surprising how many Districts are still running single District badges. However, the benefits of changing to a double and joint badge with the County badge is always going to be the most cost effective way to get these badges. This January sees Holme Valley District combining their badge with the West Yorkshire County badge and with their colour combinations we think it was a perfect match.

Is it too early to start thinking of Spring ????    I can definitely sense that the days are getting a little bit longer and we are enjoying a bit more day light. Time to get planning and get your ideas and designs in for the new season which will be here before you know it.

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