October 2018

October is here and the nights are drawing in…..you can feel the change in the air as
Autumn approaches. It is also a sign that the year is drawing to end and that 2018 will soon
be a distant memory as we begin to look ahead to the forthcoming New Year.

That said there are still things going on and the most obvious ones for this month is the
clocks going back (did you all remember?) and Halloween. Is it me or is this event getting
bigger and bigger each year.

The scouts in Cleveland arranged a fabulous event this year with a very ambitious badge
design to celebrate what they called “Screamfest”. With the scary face of a clown and text
that copied the style of the circus it has made for one of my favourite badges of the year.
Others have been making longer term plans and one such group from Disley are going to
Disney. Now that is what I call a trip and let’s hope that now they have received their
badges they are all ready to hit the fun trail.

Some things though are just about the daily business of badges and one such group the
Mudeford Sea Scouts whose badges in the past were the embroidered type. Wanted to
know if we could improve on their badges. The very small oval shaped badge which has its
text curved around the edge highlights one little issue with embroidered badges. The tiny
little jump stitch between each letter. With the Black Text contrasting so much against the
White Background it did have a detrimental effect on the overall appearance.

So this time we decided to weave the design. Woven badges are capable of producing more
detail and in some instances it is worthwhile having a chat with us to decide which quality
would best suit your planned design or as with Mudeford if we could improve the overall
appearance of your existing design.
Needless to say the new woven badges look the business and the crisp clear lettering is
everything they were hoping for on their badges. No jump stitches between letters and the
central design had more detail too.

It is impossible to say which is best Embroidered Badges or Woven Badges….. they both
have their good points. You just have to accept that sometimes…. it’s worth talking to the

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