September 2018

September and the weather keeps holding on….What an amazing year 2018 has been and I hope that everyone involved in Scouting and Girlguiding has had a great time. I feel sure that is a year we will be a year we’ll all remember.

Recently there has been some lovely late summer camps and the team from Central Barnsley had their annual camp that was very creative and art themed. Who knows there might be a new Damien Hirst in the making heralding from Barnsley.

The scouts down in Berkshire sound to of had a real laid back approach to their camp after they came to us to produce their badges. The “So What Camp” conjures up all sorts things but I’m guessing they had a great time whatever happens.

We also had regions planning on secret or covert missions as we have just produced a badge for the St Bedes First Group Camp which was stamped right across the front in bright red text “TOP SECRET”. Sadly I cannot tell what they are up too as its classified and I’m not in the circle.

The North East are not to be out done and have planned “Operation Twilight” which judging by their badges involves activities taking place under the cover of darkness. That makes you wonder doesn’t it?

Autumn draws in now and it will soon be dark and grey……Halloween beckons and already we have in production badges relating to this theme. Best get yours in too.

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